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Below are guidelines to assist you in determining what information we require to perform a Quote and Design.

Print out a Checklist for your Application (Quote and Design Checklist)


Green ball Number of added Traces (Jumpers)
Green ball Number of Added Components Pads
Green ball Trace Cuts / Drill-outs
Green ball Lifted or Clipped Component Leads
Green ball PCB Dimensions X and Y, Thickness
Green ball PCB Technology: SMT, Through Hole, SMOBC, HASL, OSP, Gold Immersion
Green ball Solder Paste - Lead or No-lead (if no-lead, specify paste required)
Green ball Approximate Lot Sizes and or Total Quantities Expected
Green ball Will the Board to be Processed be Panelized (1-Up, 2-up, 3-up, etc.)
Green ball P/N that appears on PCB in Etch or Silkscreen
Green ball Name and Phone Number of Design/ Engineer Contact


Green ball Gerber Data Base to include the following:
Signal Files (Top, Bottom, and Inner Trace Layer)
Power and Ground Layers
Silk-screening (Top & Bottom)
Aperture List
Green ball ECO or other form of Written Rework Instruction
Green ball Bare PCB (to assist in pad measurements) Optional
Green ball Added Component Pad Specifications (Pad Dimensions and Spacing if applicable )
Green ball Name and Phone Number of the Design/ Engineer Contact
Green ball Name and Phone Number of the Person Approving Design
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