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Green Bar Separator


Enthone SR1000 Epoxy
  • Unequaled Adhesion to a variety of substrates
  • One-component, high solids, epoxy base...
  • Screen Printable, convection or IR cure
  • Meets or Exceeds IPC-SM-840B, Class 3 Requirements
  • Used for ACM 20 years, met or exceeded all customer requirements

Compatibility with Surface Finishes
  • PCB exposed to limited thermal excursions
  • Lamination (non-contact) 130 deg C - 90 seconds
  • Solder Terminations selective, PCB not heated
  • Final Line Mask cured at 130 deg C - 45 minutes
  • PCB Handling, Cleaning, Packing Procedures protects your PCB

{short description of image} Electrodeposited (ED) Copper Specification
  • Conforms to IPC-4562
  • Adhesion on Epoxy, room temp. - 9.5 lb/in.
  • Passes oxidation test, 180 deg C > 60 minutes
  • Excellent solder resist ink adhesion
  • Cost effective
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Green Bar Separator

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