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The Additive Process

The Additive process maintains board integrity, flexibilty, and manufacturability with six primary process steps.

* 1. CAD Design - CAD data is downloaded and an optimal ECO routing is created.
* 2. Trace Cuts - traces are deleted and designated pads are isolated, including inner layers.
* 3. Protective layer - a protective epoxy is applied. This layer creates a known surface and masks the customer's circuitry. It also compensates for possible breaks in the customer's solder mask, and coats other surfaces in the event that the new circuitry runs adjacent to existing vias or solderable surfaces.
* 4. Solid Copper- 1 oz. electrodeposited (ED) copper conforms to IPC-4562
* 5. Solder Ink - terminations selectively soldered with assembly compatible paste. Compatible no-lead solder used for RoHS compliance.
* 6. Test/Certification - new circuitry is carefully tested to ensure its compliance with specifications.
* 7. Final Line Mask - a protective polymer provides additional stability to the completed process.
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